Cape Town

by - September 19, 2010

No, not the actual city in South Africa...but the trend cape is so huge, everyone in town must have it!
Here I have picked my 6 favourite capes on the high street and online shops! The prices are so worth it, knowing that one of these trendy pieces will last for a very long time in your wardrobe!

(Digital Imaging by Zinah)

Cape coats can be combined with a maxi skirt/dress or wide legged trousers to make it all modest and islamic friendly. I'd recommend a lightweight headscarf such as jersey, as the coat itself is heavy enough.Very fun and fashionable!

1. Zara- Check Print Cape £79.99
2. French Connection- Hidden Highland Cape £16
4. Zara- Cloth Studio Cape £99
5. Karen Millen- Camel Cape £220
6. Coast- Sophia Cape Coat £220

Love and Peace

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  1. i sooo agree with u that capes are very islamic friendly! i think i wanna try out this style later! thx for the idea zinah! :))

  2. no problem shea :D
    I just bought two cape coats last harm in buying more hahah


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