Camel on Your High Street!

by - September 24, 2010

You can combine them together with similar colour hues or contrast them with darker shades or black!
Keep the colour harmonious and don't mix and match the camel trend with the wrong can all go wrong!
Even though one may believe that the camel hue may look dull...this trend couldn't be more elegant and very stylish, works perfect for the season fall 2010!
All items are islamic friendly and modest, picked by me for you.
The maxi dress (1) can work very well with the raincoat (2) combined with the neckerchief (12) as headscarf for example.

(Click on Image for larger view...Digital Imaging by Zinah)

1. Topshop- Scoop Back Maxi Dress ON SALE £12
3. Zara- Platform Sandal Instep £59.99
4. Topshop- Knitted Military Tunic £40
6. Mango- Belt Trabis £14.90
7. Zara- Moccasin Mask £39.99
8. New Look- Blurred Spot Scarf £6.99
9. Mango- Gloves Balm £37.90
11. Topshop- Triangle Lock Satchel £32
12. Zara- Neckerchief £25.99
13. Zara- Coat with Lapel £99.00
14. Zara- Vigor Scarf £16.99

Love and Peace

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  1. im liking your choices!

    i was going to buy that maxi dress until i found out the whole back is missing lol.

  2. haha yes and the sleeves aren't long enough, that is why i sugested that the maxi dress should be worn with the trench coat or a cardigan...NEVER on its own! ;)


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