CAI Buffet

I love oriental food of all kinds, especially when they're Halal and I don't have to limit my choice of dishes to seafood and vegetarian food only! Last week I ate in this small restaurant called "Cai Buffet". It is located in the heart of Goodge Street (32 Goodge Street, London, W1T 2QJ)
At first I was delighted about the cosiness of the place and the cleanliness...The food looked rather delicious, colourful and healthy. 

My disappointment, I did NOT see any 'Halal' sign on the door or anywhere inside the restaurant... So I decided to ask the manager, and he claimed it is all 'Halal'...not sure if I believed him...
I still ate the vegetarian and seafood dishes...I must admit, it wasn't the best experience I had, but I recommend you to drop a visit, cause it is very inexpensive!

(Photographs by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. hmmmm the food looks yummy! (^~^)

  2. sadly not so yummy as it looks like lol

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