by - August 22, 2010

I shell be introducing you to two sisters who have big ambitions and dreams ;) 
One of them, you are already familiar with (me haha) and the other one is wonderfully talented!

ZNZ is a fashion collaboration between two aspiring amateur Designers, Sttudents & Friends; Zinah Nur Sharif & Zahra Bint Zak.

ZBZ& ZNS are seperate collections under the ZNZ Umbrella. The aim is to provide fashionable clothing for Muslimahs Worldwide inshallah! Click here for our Facebook Page!

Now you can have a sneak preview of the promo collection of ZBZ coming out soon inshallah, and you can have a look at the behind the scene of the photoshoot! Click here for the Behind the Scenes!
Keep an eye open for the promo collection, the photoshoot pictures and much more!

(Photography& Editing by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. nice!!!!! if only sum1 do this in malaysia! we have a very limited muslim clothing here. eventhough if it does. the style isnt my taste at all :(

  2. don't worry sister Silla
    Just wait for the collection to come out and you shell find out more about where it's available and when ;) keep an eye open xxx

  3. Wonderful! I'm very excited for your launch. InshaAllah it's very successful!

  4. Wow masya ALLAH..
    you have done a wonderful job sister
    I hope I can find your collection nearby :)
    i'm your follower now
    oh.. almost forget, thank you for dropping comment on my blog


  5. Assalamualaikum, sis Zinah

    Congratulations to you and Zahra for a job well done! I like this blog and I like the fashions promoted for muslimahs. Great! Take care sis!

  6. Awww jazakallah khair sisters
    this means so much to me, in fact to us (Zahra & I). Much appreciated
    thanks for all the love and support :* May Allah Bless you all xx

  7. ooo this is exciting..look forward to seeing it launch =)

  8. Aww.. can't wait for the launch! Congratulations! :)

  9. thanks for visiting, commenting, and following my blog!
    i appreciate it =)
    you have a nice blog too!


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