Soft Neutral Pastels

by - August 11, 2010

I love fashion, I love style, and I don't see why anyone wouldn't or shouldn't!

During Ramadan, I love going to Taraweeh prayers. Its so wonderful, and it unites us.
During that, I also like to look nice and stylish :)

Ramadan is a beautiful month, and so should the clothes for it be :) Here is a look I have put together, for inspiration and motivation of wearing light colours.

(Digital Imaging by Zinah)

A minimal look during Ramadan...clean garments, romantic and soft fabrics, a range of nudes and neutrals perfect for any casual occasion! For detailed picture of garments, go on my Facebook Page

Cardigan Ftd Tila/ Price: £39.90
Shirt Mc- Falcon/ Price: £39.90
Uttam White Lace Maxi Skirt/ Price: £25.00
Lace Trim Scarf/ Price: £16.00
Nude Chiffon Bow Pumps/ Price: £22.00
Quick & Easy Natural Smoky Eye by

Love and Peace

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