Ramadan Resolutions

by - August 10, 2010

Tonight is the night of Ramadan, I wish you all a blessed holy month, with lots of love, joy, happiness, purification, prayers and dua's. May Allah accept all of our wishes and dua's, Ameen.

I like to stay organised and to sort of have a list to help me with what to do next and to stay on track. I'm sure you know the 'To Do List" and many of you may even have a list. For Ramadan, these are the things to do:
1. Praying the Taraweeh and Qiyam Al-Layl
2. Giving Charity (Sadaqah)
3. Reciting the Qur'an
4. Sitting and making dua's until Sunrise
5. Remembering Allah, Supplication Him and Seeking His Forgivness
7. Increase on good deeds.
8.( Observing I'tikaf...can't be really done by those who work, have family or go to school)
9. (Performing 'Umrah during Ramadan...for those who can afford it)

Inshallah, details of the things listed above will follow one by one andI will keep you posted on more exciting stuff about Ramadan and things to do during Ramadan :)

Happy Fasting
Love and Peace

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