Qiyam Al-Layl

by - August 31, 2010

How time runs, we have already reached the last 10 days of Ramadan (well 9 now...) and one of the last beautiful moments of Ramadan is praying Qiyam Al-Layl.
How lovely and wonderful it is to wake up in the middle of the night and pray!

The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alayhi wa salllam) said: "Whoever stands to pray in Ramadhan with sincere faith and hope for the reward of Allah will have his past sins forgiven"

Waking up in the middle of the night was a regular practice of the Prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa salllam) and his companions.
Aisha (radhiallahu anha) said: "Do not abandon Qiyam al-layl, for the Messenger of Allah (sallalahu 'alayhi wa sallam) never left it. If he happened to be unwell or if he felt tired, he would pray sitting".

Make the most out of Ramadan, it only comes once 1 year !

Love and Peace

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  1. Assalamualaikum, sis Zinah

    Searching for Laylatul Qadr is only for 5 nights in a year, so why not we strive a little bit harder to obtain it? The reward, Masya-Allah, is huge! May Allah give us strength to keep searching for Jannah in one of these nights. Ameen. You take care dear! *hugs*

  2. Mashallah sister Ati, I totally agree with you.
    jazakallah khair for letting us all know about this wonderful information :)

  3. Assalamualaikum sister,

    I hope you are having a great Ramadhan, and your good deed is accepted by Him :)

    have a great Eid :)


  4. Jazakallah khair Masmuni

    Eid mubarak to you too, hope you'll have a great one too :) xx

    ps. loving your blog ;) keep up the great work!


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