by - August 04, 2010

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that needs much hard work from both parties to ensure, long-term survival. What does the 'hard work' involve?

Mutual love, affection and tranquility, that come after the wedding. Its like making a promise to each other, that both of you will remain faithful, loving, caring and work hard to keep the marriage in a healthy state. These are very deep-rooted and powerful emotions, unlike the superficial feelings of lust and physical attractions.

Real love between a husband and wife is a very beautiful blessing of Allah and can be eternal, even after death! That is if the husband and wife strive it within the boundaries of Islam.

But the question is, how can you look for a potential husband or wife? What are the important qualities to look for?

Do you really wanna know? Come back for it tomorrow :)
(Excuse the bad picture quality, but can't find my camera charger, therefore I used my BlackBerry)

Love and Peace

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