Little Photographs

by - August 18, 2010

Here are photographs I gotta show, about this place I always go! Fell in love, I fell in love!
My previous post was about Taraweeh prayers, well I thought I'd share some photographs I took on the way to the mosque and back home...Apology, but its not much...Enjoy!

(Pictures & Digital Imaging by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. Beautiful photos
    I really loved it :)

  2. WHOA, these photos are sensational!
    Don't you love the feeling after you've prayed taraweeh?
    At my masjid, it gets so packed we have to pray on the balcony!--underneath the stars! it is so lovely, m'A!
    Now we go late on purpose,lol.

  3. i really like these photos too! they kinda capture the masjid feeling at taraweeh!

    thanx for commenting my blog!!! ill private follow u!!!

    keep it up

  4. salaam,
    wow, these are very unique photos.. :)
    i love the feeling... Keep up the great work dear.. ;)

  5. Heyy Nice pics and Ramadan Kareem

  6. Jazakallah kahir everyone, all your comments and compliments mean a lot to me :) much love

    @ Under Urooba's Umbrella, I love the fact that you can pray in a balcony, that is so wonderful! Our mosque is big mashallah, but I prefer praying in the room with all the kids and their mothers, there is so much joy, happiness and innocence!

    @Anya, thanks a lot :)



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