Little Photographs

Here are photographs I gotta show, about this place I always go! Fell in love, I fell in love!
My previous post was about Taraweeh prayers, well I thought I'd share some photographs I took on the way to the mosque and back home...Apology, but its not much...Enjoy!

(Pictures & Digital Imaging by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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7 Responses to Little Photographs

  1. Fafa Lane says:

    nice pictures sister ;)

  2. Beautiful photos
    I really loved it :)

  3. WHOA, these photos are sensational!
    Don't you love the feeling after you've prayed taraweeh?
    At my masjid, it gets so packed we have to pray on the balcony!--underneath the stars! it is so lovely, m'A!
    Now we go late on purpose,lol.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i really like these photos too! they kinda capture the masjid feeling at taraweeh!

    thanx for commenting my blog!!! ill private follow u!!!

    keep it up

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow, these are very unique photos.. :)
    i love the feeling... Keep up the great work dear.. ;)

  6. Heyy Nice pics and Ramadan Kareem

  7. Jazakallah kahir everyone, all your comments and compliments mean a lot to me :) much love

    @ Under Urooba's Umbrella, I love the fact that you can pray in a balcony, that is so wonderful! Our mosque is big mashallah, but I prefer praying in the room with all the kids and their mothers, there is so much joy, happiness and innocence!

    @Anya, thanks a lot :)


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