Finally Here!

by - August 16, 2010

Yes, this is still the blog 'ZINAH'...Doesn't it look simple and trendy, no?

After 2 days and nights of struggle with xml, I have finally figured it out and ACTUALLY learned more about xml! Pure coding can kill you (not literally of course haha) but it is hard and frustrating! After the war against xml, I got to to my favourite part, DESIGNING the blog :D that was easy and painless ;)
Lots of trial and error (with xml), but at the end a nice and clean design for the blog :)

I hope you guys like it, and I guess you have noticed my weird intro? Well its about time you should get to know me and the real purpose of this blog...I will inshallah put up stand alone pages, for readers to find out about this blog, how to contact me (you can also find my contact details at the bottom of this blog) and how to get social :)

And of course, I will be posting more about Ramadan iA!

Love and Peace

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  1. loool congrats to u. like for me i have no idea how to edit them :( urgh

  2. awww Silla, thank you
    your blog design is actually nice :D its very clearly structured ;)


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