by - August 01, 2010

Do you all remember those sweet and romantic fairytale stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin and of course the Beauty and the Beast?

Dreamy, yet unrealistic, right?
Don' t these Princesses all get married at the end and live happily ever after?

These are all of course fairytales from the western, yet we do like that the concept of marriages are included in those fairytales, because thats the only realistic part for us muslim girls.

Marriage is a social contract between two human beings of the opposite sex, it is also an institution that encompasses the joy of human relationships between a man and a woman.
Marriage is a significant part in Islam.
Islam views marriage as the only acceptable outlet for a sexual relationship and the only basis for procreation.

Now for all the single ladies, wait for your prince charming to ask for your hand ( is that even possible in this century? Or do we need to find our own prince charming? There will be a whole topic about this coming soon) and learn more about marriage to be prepared, to know your rights, his rights and how to live happily ever after (and for those who are already married, extend your knowledge of marriage in Islam) I shell post more about marriage in Islam, and will be covering unlawful relationships.

Love and Peace

Ps. It looks like no one has any questions to ask or request any topics. That's ok, I shell keep you posted. And on one note, as you have noticed, my blog doesn't have many pictures. That's because I wanna take my own pictures and use them for my blog and not take them from other sources (except pictures of films and other media stuff I have no access to, where I will be crediting back to the original source). Inshallah I shell be including more pictures within my next posts.

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