Exclusive Interview: Wissam Birouty

by - August 25, 2010

I had the great opportunity to interview the Muslim Graphic Designer; Wissam Birouty!

He is a young talented graphic designer from Damascus/Syria. His work is clean, simple, and very professional. It catches the eye, and messages of his work are delivered directly, almost without words!
I would love you to find out more about this talented graphic designer and his work!
As mentioned above, the interview is exclusive on this blog and for this blog. Now read on and enjoy! Photography from Wissam, Edited by Zinah...

1. Tell us more about yourself...
My Name is Wissam Birouty, Syrian, Born in Damascus 1987, I moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2006, I started as a freelancer in the beginning in the capital Abu Dhabi, then with a small Advertising Agency for one year, then I worked in a mother company of a Television Channel, it was a good opportunity for me to improve myself. 

Then I moved back a freelancing again for 1 year after launching a media city in Abu Dhabi, I worked with many international agencies (UK, US, Italy..etc..).
Now I got a good offer with a new huge Media Company in Abu dhabi and I am working there.

2. Do you classify yourself as a Graphic Designer? 
Yes, I am a Graphic Designer, Specialized, Printing, Branding & Advertising
I DO NOT do websites, 3d and animation ...
I can do corporate identity for any company, I do promotion campaigns & full Advertising concepts...For any other things like Websites and Video promotions etc...I can give the concepts and the directing to go with the aim of the media campaign.

3. What inspired you of becoming a Graphic design? And when was that?
5 years ago, I started to study the typography, and then I started to use Photoshop to convert the typography to Image on a Soft-copy.
Then I started a Graphic Design course, then a Business & Marketing course.

4. What do you think of Islam and Art? As in creative fields within Islam...
As a graphic designer, I was thinking all the time about why we don't (as a graphic designer) do something as a Visual art to present Islam in a creative way. Like any advert has a creative concept containing a message it should be sent out to the audience to attract them to know more about Islam...Truly I am not a religious man, but I love my Religion and proud to be a Muslim.

5. I really love your work, it’s very clean, simple and yet very effective. Very pleasing to the eye as well. What are your inspirations?
Three words... the design should be Simple, Direct, and professional

Simple to make it easy to understand for all types of people especially I am working in a country that has more than 80 nationality, the Arab is only 50% of the residence here (UAE), there are too many cultures mixed together, also don't forget that I’m working in the most open country in the middle east with a perfect economy and most popular place for a lot of American and European companies. That is why we need to be clear and direct to be understood for all of those professional companies.

6. What software do you use? And are there any other materials you use?
The applications are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Acrobat. And my OS is MAC OSX.

7. Tell me more about your work for Al Dafrah Marketing & Advertising?
Actually as I mentioned before it was the professional step for me to work in this company because all of our art work was for a Magazine and TV Channel, I really loved that place because working in a media is different than working in the advertising campaign, it supported me to get a lot of experiences, working in TV Studios with Producers.

It was a very good opportunity for me. Also we worked there for many Huge companies for branding and advertising.

8. What is your favorite piece you have ever created? 
It was a proposal for a Full Mall Branding called (DELMA MALL)

9. Could you tell us about any upcoming projects you have?
I am now working on a branding proposal for a new huge exhibition, it's a new exhibition placed in the UAE, it has a branding logo with full advertising and media campaign.

10. Graphic designers are always an inspiration to others; creative students in particular...What word of advice cans you give to fellow Muslim graphic designers and any creative Muslims?

I wish to meet a lot of creative people in the Arab world that is the reason why I’ve made a group in Facebook for Arab graphic designers called (Arab Creative Association) I wish if you can help me to share those with other. The goal of that one is to share the Works, Resources and ideas to improve our graphic design concepts and to brainstorm, and we may create a competition between the designers to come with a creative campaign for ISLAM.

Thank you very much for your interview and I wish you the best.

You can view Wissam's work on here!
Or you can visit his official website: http://www.birouty.net/ 

Love  and Peace

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