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by - August 02, 2010

Dear Readers

As I have mentioned before I am a Graphic Design student, and alhamdulliah so far I am enjoying my course (yes I did have moments where disliked it very very much) and I have 2 more years to go...but I don't want my creativity to end there and start a 'regular' job at the office or some sort. I wanna keep it alive and grab any opportunity given to me with both hands!

I have been doing Art& Design for a very long time, I started with fine art, and continued doing fine art in college. However, since I got introduced to Adobe Photoshop 8 years ago, I practised it during my free time and loved it. The beginning was very frustrating and a little bit complicated, but I got the grip of using Adobe Photoshop (7 back then). Photoshop (and the 'Undo' and 'Delete' options) made me pursue Graphic Design.
As a muslim, I have heard a lot of people saying that I shouldn't study art, and been advised not to draw faces or living beings.
Some Islamic Scholars aprove of art in Islam, some don't. I personally don't know who to listen to and right now it's not affecting me at all. I don't draw living beings anymore, and my style changed from fine art to abstract. I started Graphic Design in 2009, and been using more softwares and digital imaging than drawing and fine art.

I have studied various creative subjects (Fine Art, 3 years of Art& Design, Fashion Design, and currently studying Graphic Design) and I love it all. I even started learning Photography...for 4 weeks and it got too much studying Fine Art, Fashion Design AND Photography at the same time, so I changed Photography to Psychology.

In my fine art work, I mostly use oil paints, acrylic paint and pencil. Not a fan of watercolour...And in my graphic works, I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 almost all the time! Maybe Adobe Illustrator CS4 on few occasions...Can't include my fashion work, cause I didn't take any pictures...but inshallah someday I will post them.

Today I will be sharing some of my pervious work that I have done in college and university.

(Click Here to see more of my work)

Some Fine Art Paintings 2008-2009:

Some Graphic Design work 2009-2010:

Now that you have seen some of my creative work, I WANT YOU to show your creative work ON THIS BLOG! I would love to feature a muslim artist of any kind on this blog once a week (fashion designer, stylist, illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist, photographer, digital media, ceramics, ANYTHING creative you do!) You don't have to be doing it as a profession, just share your creativity on this blog. Feel free to drop me an email and I shell be writing about YOU next week on this blog!

You can email me (to email me, go on my profile and you'll see a link there) or send me a facebook message. Whatever suits you best.

Love and Peace

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  1. masha'Allah, your crazy talented sis!!! love all your work, spec the graphics =)

  2. Jazakallah Khair Ashi :) I appreciate your compliment very much :)

  3. Wowww! Mash'Allah sis these are so amazing!

  4. Jazakallah Khair Sharifaa :) much appreciated

  5. tbarka'allah, you are so talented!!!

  6. Aww you are all so very kind, Jazakallah khair Fatima

  7. Zina!

    Thank you much for stopping by. I just started reading your entries and I love love love this one :) I think you have such a great talent mashAllah that you should take what God has given you and never give up on your passions no matter what anyone tells you. Your art is your soul and your expression of all that you feel and that's what makes it so genuine.

    I adore the 3rd painting as well as the 5th/things can only get better - mashAllah kudos on all that you do and I wish you the best. Looking forward to following you and seeing more art


  8. Awww thank you so much Soumia :)
    I will keep my talent and passion alive inshallah and not give up on it :)
    Jazkallah Khair for everything

  9. waow.. love your work at first sight..

    thanks to be my follower. i have followed you..
    nice to know you..


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