Love In Islam

by - July 27, 2010

Roses are red, violet are blue...and you know the rest...But did anyone ask what does 'love' mean? Who do we love? Why do we love? And what is real love and fictional love?
One thing we do know is that love is recognised by all religions in the world, and is recognised and shared by all human beings (if not, then there is clearly something wrong...)
In Islam, the concept of love is very important. I am talking about Allah's Love for Creatures, Allah's Love for human being, human love for Allah and of course as we all know it, human love for fellow humans.

(Love Poster By Zinah)

Each day, I will be covering the following topics inshallah...Before I get to this, I just got a book as a present called "Perspectives on the Concept of Love In Islam' Second Edition...I started reading it and some stuff just did not make any sense, like Love& Hate...there is NO hate in Islam in ANY circumstances, we have not the right to judge a fellow brother or sister, we are not allowed to hate them for the sin's they do or hate a person for their religion! This is all wrong, and if you have been taught otherwise, please do go to a sunni Sheikh and ask!

I called the Institute of Islamic Studies, Islamic Centre of England to ask about why they have included a sub chapter called Love& Hate, when clearly there is no hate or should be any hate to fellow human beings...they could not answer my question and told me to call back to ask their Sheikh and told me that they are a Shia Institute...that explains.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not against any believes or religions, and I am not against Shia, as they are also fellow Muslims...but the teachings are different, and I'm not gonna discuss which one is wrong and which one is right. Lets keep it all professional and peaceful here.
I am Sunni, so therefore I will only cover topics that are taught by Sunni Scholars and by Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.

Ok, back to love hahah, Inshallah I will be covering these topics within the next couple of days:
- Allah's Love for Human Beings and Creatures
- Love for Allah
- Love for Fellow Human Beings

For now, Love and Peace

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