by - July 24, 2010

Hi name is Zinah and I'm a graphic design student, currently in my second year (well not technically, but I'm starting my second year in september...). Anyway, this is the first time I'm blogging, and this is my first post ever! I've seen blogs, I've read couple of blogs, but I never thought of creating my own blog, until today, really...My inspiration: Julie& Julia...The movie...I just watched the movie couple of hours ago, and I really loved it! Meryl Streep is stunning and I loved her character Julia (not so sure if I'd love the real Julia...) it was just a bliss, and Amy Adams is always a sweetheart and she played her character Julie very well.

Now you may start to think, what on earth Julie& Julia has to do with this blog and if my blog will be about cooking...the answer to the first question is Julie ( I guess the Julie in the movie and the real Julie) inspired me to start my own blog and to write about the things I love the most...the answer to the second question is NO! This blog will not be about cooking...only...but it will be about Islamic cooking, Islamic Fashion, Islamic Marriage, Islamic Weddings, Islamic Family, Love, Happiness, Birth, Children and mainly Muslim Women!

I'm a muslim myself, and I try to practice my faith as best as I can Alhamdulillah. I have been reading and buying so many books about the things listed above (Islamic cooking, marriage, family etc. Don't wanna go through the list again haha) and I got inspired by it all and decided to share all of it...I will start posting soon inshAllah...and I'm guessing I don't have (m)any readers right now...well you shell hear from me soon, whoever you are :)

Love and Peace

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  1. cool that you love watching movies, but sometimes is not far, because you watch it your self not with us.... being selfish haa


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