Permissible Films?

by - July 25, 2010

Asalamu Alaikum Everyone

As we all know that entertainment for Muslims must be permissible and in a way that does not interfere with our religion. You all know that watching films is one way to keep yourself entertained...
Now days films aren't really classified as 'clean' for Muslims and by that I mean films with haram content, such as women not dressed modest, bad language etc (I hope you know what I mean). So therefore, it is not really easy to chose a film to watch in the cinemas...Obviously we all watch the trailers beforehand and can 'assume' what to expect...But to be safe, I recommend Muslims to watch 'U' films.

Yes I know, all of it are children films and animations, but safe! You will not be worried about seeing something haram and you can watch it with anyone, your family and your friends.

Anyway, please do feel free to correct me, if I wrote anything wrong. I am not a sheikh or an Islamic scholar, but inshallah, I am hoping to use the best reference possible and to double check with my local mosque.

Back to the films! This month there are only few 'U' rated films in cinemas, and I will be writing a short review for each one I have personally watched. Last week I have watched ' Shrek Forever After 3D'...I'm sure many of you are familiar with Shrek.

(Picture from:
Shrek Forever After 3D:
The average ratings for Shrek Forever After/ The Final Chapter is 6.3/10...according to Rotten Tomatoes ( and IMDB ( are the ratings a bit lower than expected? I honestly don' know...However Screen Crave ( gave it a 7.5/10 which I totally agree with. I watched it and loved it! It is a good comeback, though I must admit that I was a bit disappointed when I watched the trailer before the actual film. I thought to myself "Oh here we go again, another Shrek! Don't we have enough of those?" well I'm sure some people thought the same, because this is the fourth Shrek film. Most films are trilogies and are better kept that way (well don't even include Harry Potter, I wouldn't be surprised if it came on as TV series...).

I guess DreamWorks Animation was keen to add another one to the Shrek film series...Not a bad move! I loved the humour in the film, the characters and the story line, despite the fact that I was dreading to watch it! My expectations were obviously not correct, and the last 30mins of the film had the best jokes. I left the cinema with a smile on my face. It was a good ending to the series, everyone loves a happily ever laughter.

I recommend you to watch it before its too late...or simply wait until the DVD is released ;)

I'm sorry that my review is so short, brief and a bit late (since the film has been released on May 21st), but my writing is a little bit rusty and I just started this blog YESTERDAY. I should get back to practicing my writing :)

Love and Peace

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