Anyone Out There?

Asalamu Alaikum Everyone

I don't know if anyone is reading my blog, but I do hope that at least someone out there is reading it inshallah...I had one comment...from my sister, that doesn't count right?
I know its just a start and the topics I have posted about aren't really exciting, but I am working on it ;)

Ramadan is coming soon inshallah, the 11th of August 2010. I hope everyone is as excited as I am :D its such an amazing month in many ways. Inshallah, I will be posting about the noble obligations of Ramadan, fasting, recipes of food for breaking the fast, dua's and many more.

For now, keep reading my (hopefully) exciting posts about Islam and Women in Islam :)

Love and Peace

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4 Responses to Anyone Out There?

  1. happy fasting and happy blogging :)

  2. ZINAH says:

    Thank you, you too :)

  3. Uz says:

    Hey I'm reading your blog!:)

  4. ZINAH says:

    Awww thank you Uz :)

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