And We Have Created You In Pairs

by - July 29, 2010

This is a verse from the Qur'an (78:8).

Allah has created everything in pairs and bestowed an inherent physical and emotional attraction between members of the opposite sex.
Its human nature to be attracted towards the opposite sex and the attraction and desire is developed during puberty. The Islamic way of life leads young people toward lawful marriage that satisfies emotional, social and sexual needs in a secure and loving way.

There is no girlfriend/boyfriend thing in Islam, and I hope you are aware of the fact that sex before marriage is NOT permissible under ANY circumstances.

Haven't we all fallen in love once or more? Haven't we all liked someone very much? I hope you answered at least one of the questions with yes...Because this is a natural emotional feeling, it is not haram to feel love or any other emotions, as long as there is no action involved after it.
By that I mean, when you like a boy (or girl for the male readers...if there are any) and you do nothing (no action and not telling the person) that is considered as haram, then you are not committing a sin.

Ever heard of the phrase "Lawful Wives & Unlawful Girlfriends"? Well now days, young people in Islam are influenced by teenage romance from permissible societies and peer pressures that makes the young muslims get involve in illicit emotional and physical relationships, often between socially and psychologically immature boys and girls... time you fall in love or 'fancy' someone, don't take actions and keep your emotions to yourself or tell that someone you have feelings for them and maybe share your emotions with a family member for advice and guidance.

You never know, your family members may introduce you to that particular person you like and it could lead to something lawful...*cough* marriage!

You shell read more next time, but for now...

...Love and Peace

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